Shorts Series 3
Menstruation: Intimate Portraits
Sunday, June 21, 2015
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Ave New York, NY, 10027


Shorts Series 3: Menstruation: Intimate Portraits 
Who are you, when you bleed?  A photographer dares menstruating women to bare a side of themselves they have never seen, and a woman reveals herself to her lover by describing the wonders of her cycle.  These are just a couple of the stories that comprise this raw collection, in which menstruation becomes a catalyst for reflection and discovery.

Screening followed by Q&A with select directors and a presentation on menstrual activism in Sweden. 

Co-presented by Women Make Movies


Dir. Beyon & Jess Z Chen, USA, 2014, 2m, Animation 
Based on a spoken word poem, Red is an exploration of body, blood, bravery, and love.


 Red Path
Dir. Myriam Negre, Spain, 2015, 7:06m, Narrative
Attempting to connect with the womb of creation and honor menstruation, Red Path proposes sowing blood back to the Earth as a ritual of gratitude.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

Dir. Charlotte Istel, USA, 2014, 11m, Narrative
Seeking to experience her family life, physical changes, womanhood and her relationship with bodily fluids in a new light, Lily humorously describes the world as she sees it and takes the actions she finds necessary for her own growth.


Dir. Zeinabu Irene Davis, USA, 1989, 17m, Experimental Narrative
While waiting her period, a woman goes through a process of cleansing her home and body using African traditions.

No Body Ever Asked: A Cunabula Chapter
Dir. Egan Marie, USA, 2015, 30m, Documentary
After seeing intimate photographs of menstruating bodies, a group of women confront stories they've hidden for decades.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

We Who Bleed
Dir. Zayera Khan, Sweden, 2014, 28m, Documentary
From the viewpoint of women bold enough to share their experiences, We Who Bleed explicitly explores menstruation, menstrual products, pms, sex, partners, taboos and menopause.

Menstruation with/out Gender
Dir. Zayera Khan, Sweden, 2014, 7m, Documentary
Trans and intergender persons share their experiences and personal insights on their menstrual cycles.


Menstrual Activism in Sweden
Director Elin Bennett and producer Louise Berg discuss menstrual activism in Sweden, which will include a screening of excerpts from her upcoming documentary on the same subject.