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Shorts Series 2: Period Stories from the First to the Last

  • Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Ave New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Shorts Series 2: Period Stories from the First to the Last (91m)
Excitement… disappointment… shame… relief… elation… every girl has a different reaction to her menarche (first menses). This collection of first period stories explores these emotions and more.  The Program closes with a refreshing look at life after menopause.

Screening followed by Q&A with select directors



The Beauty of Red
Produced by mypromovideos, India, 2013, 3m, Animation
A young girl reaches puberty and is forced to rethink her relationship to the color red.

Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 2:34m, Documentary Puppetry
Johanna Nutter's first period story involves a very unwelcome community celebration. 

Claire: Periods Can Be Confusing
Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 1:30m, Documentary Puppetry
In celebration of her first period, Comedian Claire Brosseau expected cake and roses, but got a dose of tough love instead. 

Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 2:13m, Documentary Puppetry
When Mad Men actress, Jessica Paré gets her period for the first time, her father makes a well-meaning, but awkward attempt, at celebrating its arrival. 

Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 1:20m, Documentary Puppetry
Impatiently waiting for the arrival of her first period, Meenakshi wonders if there was something wrong with her.  

First Time
Dir. Mary Harron, USA, 2015, 3m
Dear Kate asked over 20 women to tell them about their "first time."  (Filmmaker in attendance)

First Period
Dirs. Krishnaveni V, Shipra Prasad, Swati Shelar and
Yuhina Lachungpa; India; 2013; 2:58m; Animation

Shivani and Sayani are best friends. When Shivani gets her first period at school, the reactions of classmates send Sayani home angry and confused, but also curious.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

The Day I Killed My Best Friend
Dir. Antonio Jesus Busto, Spain/UK, 2012, 6m, Animation
Regla and her indulgent imaginary friend are forced to confront the sudden arrival of her first menstruation and the problems that come with it.

In Search of Juan Colorado
Dir. Molly Strange, USA, 1994, 29:41m, Narrative
In Search of Juan Colorado is the lively and humorous story of dedicated tomboy Marty’s journey toward her first period.

Period Piece
Dir. Jackie Dives, Canada, 2015, 12m, Documentary
Director Jackie Dives sits down with women willing to intimately share their experiences of getting their periods for the first time.

Streetcar Named Perspire
Dir. Joanna Priestley, USA, 2007, 6:05m, Animation
Streetcar Named Perspire quite literally tracks the highs and lows of dealing with the onset of menopause as the heroine careens through hot spells, fluctuating libido, night sweats and self acceptance. 

Rebel Menopause
Dir. Adele Tulli, UK/Italy, 2014, 26m, Documentary
Rebel Menopause is the intimate portrait of an extraordinary woman and her inspiring ideas on aging as a “time of complete freedom.”  As the film’s subject, Therese Clerc, so eloquently put it “Menopause is when a woman’s life begins!” 

Co-presented by Menstrupedia

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