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Unmentionables' Art Exhibit

  • Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Ave New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)


Dir. Georgia Lale, USA, 2m
Red color is all around her mouth. 

Her right hand is feeding her with something red which looks like flesh.
Menstruation blood, food, hands are all around the womb, hurting and hugging her body. 
Her right hand is searching inside her unknown, mystery world.
Her white dress is bleeding. Her hand is going under the dress and is taking a mass of her body.

Her hand is going to the mouth. The mouth is eating mechanically what her hand is offering.

The face is eating; the blood is flowing from the mouth, from her hand to the clothes.
She is eating herself. You can see the pleasure all around her face. This pleasure is coming from being you, from being a body, from being a woman.

It’s not easy, it is painful. We have born to find the way to love our amazing nature.

Red Velvet
Dir. Evelin Stermitz, USA, 9m
Computer generated red velvet as a structure for the screen: experimental video, artificial structure, color symbolism.

For the perceptional surface of this video work, computer generated red velvet is developed as a structure for the screen. The color covers the screen with haptical sensations, and it is kept as an experimental video with its artificial structure, defining color symbolism and reflections toward its deep metaphorical character. Red velvet, formerly sacred to influential superior persons like regents and cardinals, becomes here combined with the monitor a sacred object itself, which opens up for further reflections on its relevance and connotations, also toward the media itself, its images and its aspects of use/abuse of power and sexuality.


Cunabula: Bodies at High Tide (2013-ongoing)
Photographer: Egan Marie
Medium: Silver Gelatin Print

Artist's statement: These bodies do not choose when to bleed, when to bloat and contract, when to ache and ooze. We neuter them to endlessly exhibit and modify them, reduce them to a hollow undulation of breasts, hips, ass, because the tidal tug they feel deep might be too much for us. How long have we turned these bodies into muses, so they might deliver us from what overpowers them? We make pictures upon pictures, and call her "pretty" to forget that nature is not. Menstruation – its contortions and constancy – we refuse to picture. "Cunabula" means origin, cradle, birthplace.

Mensmagi (Menstrual Magic)
Photographs of the work of Swedish Menstrual Performance Group

Artists' statement: We are a group of women that  held talks since july 2013 about various ways to break the patterns of behavior that kept us back as women. We are inspired by Alejandro Jodorowskis Psicomagia to get in touch with our subconscious traumas and break with them. Menstruation is the foundation of our artistic expression.
All of us made rituals with our own menstrual blood. The rituals that we have been conducting have been the key to opening the door to the world of creativity and the menstruation is the tool we use to overcome our fears and to strengthen our self-esteem. Through our Psychomagic acts we have been working with our bodies, on our own terms, in a respectful and healing manner.

Now we would like to share our experiences in a exhibition. We have filmed acts, painted and photographed. But we also want to highlight the interviews we've done with a number of people about their relationship to menstruation and menstrual period relevant to them.


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