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Shorts Series 1: Menstrual Management & Mishaps

  • Maysles Cinema 343 Lenox Ave New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

Shorts Series I: Menstrual Management & Mishaps (87m)
A menstruating puppy eludes a young group of brothers; a self-taught mechanic designs a groundbreaking low-cost sanitary pad machine; and a young girl attempts to fast-track her way to womanhood through somewhat unconventional means.  

Enjoy this collection of unexpected (and sometimes humorous) short films about the fine art of managing menstruation.

Screening followed by Q&A with select directors



Dir. Laura Maxwell, USA, 2013, 2:23m, Animation
When a girl meets a boy for a swim, something unexpected happens. (Filmmaker in attendance)

Jay Baruchel: Periods, Puberty & Those Weird Blue Vials
Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 2:10m, Multi-Media
During his visits home, actor Jay Baruchel is confronted with the growing presence of his sister's feminine protection products in the bathroom and indicators of his mother's experience with "the change." 

Rags to Pads
Dir. Chithra Jeyaram, USA/India, 2012, 3:10m, Documentary
Rags to Pads profiles the innovative mechanic-turned-inventor/entrepreneur, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who developed a low-cost machine that not only produces affordable sanitary pads but also economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
(Filmmaker in attendance)

Dir. Karla Monterrosa-Morales, Canada/El Salvador, 2013, 4:20m, Animated
After getting her first period, an antsy teenager tries to find her new place in the world.   

Everything You Need To Know About Pap Smears
Dir. Eamonn O’Connell, Canada, 2015, 5:17m, Documentary
Family physicians, Sarah and Lousie, tackle pap smears with frankness, honesty, and REAL information. 

The Bascon Brothers 
Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 2m, Documentary Puppetry
The Bascon brothers relive their experience of a family member's special time of the...year. 

The Red Thread
Dir. Andrew Martin for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
(WSSCC), Switzerland/India, 2014, 4:44m, Documentary

The Red Thread follows the lives of several young girls and the challenges they face to overcome the stigma and taboo associated with menstruation.

Vinnie: I Break for Cycles
Dir. Therese Shechter, USA, 2015, 5:06m, Documentary
To date, Vinnie Angel, artist and provocateur, has distributed over a quarter million Vinnie’s Tampon Cases. For filmmaker Therese Shechter, and the thousands of other women who have acquired one, its namesake seemed more myth than reality.  Not only does Vinnie exist, but he also has a lot to say about his line of menstruation-related products, menstruation in general, and feminism.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

The Spot
Dir. Auriyama Jackson, USA, 2014, 9:03m, Narrative
A menstrual mishap on her beau's new Ikea sofa makes for an awkward situation at a housewarming party.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

Period Piece 
Dir. Lisa Hammer, USA, 2006, 10m, Narrative 
A lovingly remade satire of a 1971 education film for "trainables" (the very dated and un-pc term once used to describe individuals with mild to moderate intellectual abilities , who might be able to achieve a form of self-sufficiency).  The absurdity of the original film, a repetitive instructional video, so struck director Hammer, she was committed to making it even more absurd.  

Using the original dialogue tracks, Hammer presents a young lady with Down Syndrome who is instructed by her open and non-judgmental family on the rituals of monthly female hygienic maintenance.  (Filmmaker in attendance)

Produced by Crankytown, Canada, 2013, 1:39m, Documentary Puppetry
Mad Men actor, Ryan Cartwright, reflects on his first period experience.

Dir. Corrie Chen, Australia, 2013, 12m, Narrative
When Stella realizes she's the only girl in her class who doesn't have her period, she sets out to fast-track her way to womanhood through somewhat unconventional means.

Cup U.
Dir. Vanessa Meyer, Canada, 2011, 15:28m, Documentary 
Cup U. explores the significance of the menstrual cup for a group of young women living in Montreal, Qc Canada. Using archival images, clips from YouTube, and old commercials, this video points to the drastic shifts over time in discourses around menstruation and “feminine hygiene.” Cup U. aims to promote critical dialogue around menstruation – an issue that remains buried in popular discussion.

Sex for Sanitation
Dir. Dirk Gilson, Germany, 2015, 7:15m, Documentary
They don't have enough money to buy proper sanitary products. In their need, they resort to old rags, cotton wool or even dried leafs. They often miss school during their menses because they fear stains on their clothes. And some are so desperate that they sell their bodies to get money for sanitary pads. That is the reality for many schoolgirls in Kibera, one of Africa's biggest slums.

Co-presented by Crankytown

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